Improving Your Business

We offer a range of services to improve the performance of your enterprise. No enterprise is too small or too large to reap immediate benefits from improved efficiency, reduced cost, better customer response and continuous improvement. Start-up companies and mature enterprises alike can all benefit from an independent review of their operations.

Enterprise review
We offer independent review and assessment services that reveal "critical success factors", allow organizations to understand how they are performing, and point the way to improved performance. Financial, non-financial and technical metrics are identified and measured.
We offer simplified and practical planning services tailored to the client’s needs including identifying who the real customers are, analyzing strengths and weaknesses, identifying enabling technologies, developing action plans, and forecasting. All enterprises benefit from independent, objective and frank insights that almost always uncover unnoticed roadblocks and opportunities for success. Plans are goal oriented, may focus on month-over-month actions, or reach out over multiple years.
Process improvement

We offer contemporary methods for improving your existing operations, integrating the best features of CPA Performance View, Lean, Kaizen, Six-Sigma, and other continuous improvement programs.  No part of an enterprise is immune to remarkable improvement. We lead the client through simple steps to understand and define measures of success, analyze and synthesize solutions, implement change, and realize results. We leave you with techniques you can use to continue to improve on your own.

Other Services